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    In the last decade, many technology companies have surfaced and added value to an industry which was in need of some advancement. Instagram, snapchat and vine are just three mobile technology companies which have made their presence felt in recent years. Instagram is a great free photo sharing technology service which gives customers the ability to take and share photos. The company has received well over forty million dollars in funding and was bought by Facebook over two years ago. Instagram was able to introduce advanced social media technology on a mobile device. The company was originally founded by Mike Kriegar. Snapchat is also a very good photo messaging application for people who feel the need to share photos through a mobile device. Jason hope find this to be a evolutionary stage in marketing http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SENS_Research_Foundationfree-flat-social-media-icons This technology has received over one hundred million dollars in funding from seven investors in just four years of business. The snapchat technology introduced a faster and more private way for people to communicate through photo messaging. Vine allows user to create a short video and share it through the networks technology. Vine became an increasingly popular technological platform when it was bought in 2012 by the executives from Twitter. The technology being used in the development of these applications is incredible and it is likely only going to get better as the years progress. Of course, these technology applications do come with competition. For example, loopcam, a mobile development platform out of Berlin, Germany, has developed their own version of vine in order to compete with the original. Thus far, loopcam has received no funding from investors of any sort. Path, a mobile messaging and sharing service, was developed in order to compete with Instagram and has done rather well in the mobile technology industry. For example, last year, path was funded over twenty million dollars for enterprise expansion from Greylock, Insight and other investment firms. Path brings their users a sense of privacy and security while using the service, which is something Instagram may need to work on. Kik is another instagram competitor specializing in the technological development of games and messaging through various forms of multimedia platforms. The technology industry has become much more competitive over the years. This is in large part geared toward the amount of time these technology companies are putting into each application. As technological ideas continue to get better throughout the industry, the competition will get better as well.